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Traveling with Pelvic Health in Mind: Tips for Long Journeys

Whether it's a road trip to a scenic destination or a long-haul flight across the world, journeys are a part of life. However, they can present challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining pelvic health. Explore five valuable tips to ensure your upcoming long journey is not only comfortable but also mindful of your pelvic well-being.

Plan Strategic Breaks:

Sitting for extended periods during travel can put undue pressure on your pelvic floor. Plan strategic breaks to stand, walk, and stretch. Take advantage of rest areas, airport terminals, or train stations to move and relieve pelvic tension. Gentle pelvic floor stretches and exercises during these breaks can help maintain muscle tone.

Pack Smart and Comfortable:

Choose comfortable, breathable clothing and consider investing in cushioned seat pads for long journeys. These can provide extra support to your pelvic area, reducing discomfort associated with prolonged sitting.

Stay Hydrated:

Dehydration can exacerbate pelvic issues, so ensure you drink an adequate amount of water during your journey. While it may mean more restroom stops, it's essential for overall well-being, especially in a dry airplane cabin.

Maintain Proper Posture:

Poor posture during travel can strain your pelvic floor muscles. Ensure your back is supported, and your feet are flat on the floor. Use a small pillow or a rolled-up jacket to maintain lumbar support and align your pelvis properly.

Mindful Pelvic Floor Exercises:

Incorporate discreet pelvic floor exercises during your journey. These exercises can be done while seated and help maintain muscle strength and circulation. No one around you will even know!

Protect Your Luggage:

Lifting heavy luggage can strain your pelvic floor and your back. Opt for lightweight, manageable bags with wheels. If you have a heavier bag, remember to bend at the knees when lifting to reduce pressure on the pelvis.

Mindfulness and Relaxation:

Incorporate mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques into your journey. Deep breathing, meditation, or even just focusing on positive thoughts can alleviate stress and promote pelvic relaxation.

Embark on your travels with greater comfort and confidence. Remember, it's your right to fully understand and prioritize your body's well-being, even while on the road. Your pelvic health deserves the same attention as the amazing places you explore. Safe travels!



About Michelle

Michelle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Webb Physical Therapy, located in Lawrence, Kansas.  She's worked in PT for close to 10 years, and believes each patient should be treated with a holistic, whole person approach to healing.

She is devoted to helping her patients develop individualized treatment plans to help them achieve their specific goals.

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