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When Postpartum Hurts

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At the six-week checkup after delivery, it’s pretty normal to hear “you’re good to go” and get the green light for return to normal functional activities, exercise and sexual activity.

What happens when your return to activity doesn’t go as you plan? You excitedly return to activity, but you notice pain in your pelvis/hips/back/SI joint when you attempt your first workout class or run, or you feel discomfort with stairs, getting up off the floor or even trying to lift your baby in/out of their car seat or crib. You got the green light, right? Why are you having difficulty?

Postpartum discomfort is common

Postpartum discomfort is so common and also very frustrating. There are many factors that contribute to pelvic (and everything around it) pain. Your body is adjusting from carrying and delivering a baby, which can affect alignment and the ability of your deep stabilizing system (including but not limited to your diaphragm, core and pelvic floor) to function and perform its job correctly. Other factors such as hormones, sleep, nutrition and emotional support play a role in postpartum pain and healing.

There is Hope to postpartum pain

This may seem overwhelming, but there is hope! Along with being a pelvic floor PT, I also have a Postpartum and Pregnancy Corrective Exercise Specialist certification! When working with me, I’ll assess your entire body and self to help guide you with the correct treatments to overcome your postpartum pain. Please don’t feel like you have to go through your postpartum issues alone, I am here to help!

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We understand your struggle. We want to support your journey to healing by being an understanding and safe place to discuss and repair your body's issues.

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About the Author

Hi! I’m Michelle Webb, Doctor of Physical Therapy at Webb Physical Therapy.

Since graduating from PT school in 2011, I have worked in many different areas of physical therapy, but it wasn’t until I started working with pelvic health that I found my true passion. I believe that each patient should be treated with a holistic, whole person approach to healing. Every person is unique, and I love helping my patients develop individualized treatment plans to help them achieve their specific goals. Too often, people are told that the pelvic health issues they are feeling (leaking urine/feces, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse/tampon use/speculums, pelvic heaviness, the list goes on and on) are normal, and something they have to deal with. While those issues may be common, I want to help everyone realize there is life outside of their symptoms! I truly feel joy when I can help someone improve their quality of life and return to the activities they love, without difficulty.



About Michelle

Michelle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Webb Physical Therapy, located in Lawrence, Kansas.  She's worked in PT for close to 10 years, and believes each patient should be treated with a holistic, whole person approach to healing.

She is devoted to helping her patients develop individualized treatment plans to help them achieve their specific goals.

Call (785) 813-1338 for a free 15 minute phone consultation, or email

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