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Elevating your health with personalized services

We believe that each patient should be treated with a holistic, whole person approach to healing. Every person is unique, and we love developing individualized treatment plans to achieve your specific goals.

Physical therapist assessing abdomen and pelvis of woman

Pain below your belly button and above your legs is classified as pelvic pain. There are many possible causes, but the problem is usually treatable.

Person with hands on their lower back, inferring discomfort

Low back pain can range from mild, to moderate, to unbearable. Treatment at any stage can reduce the chances of long term back pain and undo bad habits that may have caused it.

woman sitting in living room with hands on the side of her head, looking frustrated or distrought

Urinary and fecal incontinence (leaking urine or feces) is often directly caused by disfunction of the pelvic floor. There are multiple possible causes, but it can be fixed with the right treatment!

Physical therapy during pregnancy can bring comfort throughout the many changes that occur to your body during this amazing time. This may include helping ease: hip pain, low back pain, pubic symphysis pain, and pelvic floor dysfunction to name a few. 

Postpartum is also a time of change, in which we help your body heal from delivery (vaginal and cesarean birth) to improve incontinence, prolapse, and sexual dysfunction. We also help improve the strength and coordination of your body return to normal

Person with hands on their stomach or pelvis, inferring discomfort

Caused by one or more of the pelvic organs dropping from their normal position. Can be fixed through physical therapy

Empowering your path to holistic, helpful healing.



Michelle Webb
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Hi! I’m Michelle Webb, Doctor of Physical Therapy at Webb Physical Therapy. Since graduating from PT school in 2011, I have worked in many different areas of physical therapy, but it wasn’t until I started working with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy that I found my true passion...

Michelle Webb with light brown, shoulder length hair in a golden sweater. Smiling.

As someone with decade-long chronic illnesses, my needs had not been addressed by other physical therapists. Michelle was the first physical therapist that actually listened and trusted me to know my body and took my unique needs into consideration when making recommendations. As a result, not only have we been able to successfully address the  nerve pain I was seeing her for initially, but we’ve  continued to work together to address, and hopefully even prevent, other issues that run in my family.

Michelle is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and

very quick to respond to questions in between appointments. She is amazing!

Women nose-to-nose with sleeping newborn baby
After three children in six years, nothing was quite the same and even though I knew it - I was nervous to talk about it with anyone. I finally realized that putting off taking care of myself because of a less-talked-about subject was only making things worse.

Michelle listened without judgement and coached me through clear, concise exercises and movements that have made a huge impact on my physical wellbeing and my confidence.
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