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3 Reasons Why Pelvic Floor PT Should Be an Annual Essential

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

It's your right to fully understand your body and prioritize its well-being. Yet, when it comes to pelvic health, many people overlook its significance. We often wait for symptoms to arise before seeking help. But what if there was a way to proactively care for your pelvic health, just like you do with your annual physical?

1. The Pelvic Puzzle: A Vital Yet Neglected Piece

Your pelvic health is an intricate piece of the puzzle that makes up your overall well-being. It plays a role in everything from digestion to reproductive health. Neglecting it can lead to issues like incontinence, discomfort, and even pelvic organ prolapse. So, why wait for these concerns to emerge when you can be proactive?

2. Annual Physicals: An Opportunity for Holistic Care

When you think about your annual physical, you might picture a general check-up of your overall health. But what if we told you it could be so much more? Integrating pelvic floor physical therapy into your annual physical is a holistic approach to well-being. It's about addressing the often-overlooked aspects of your health, including your pelvic health.

3. The Power of Prevention: Pelvic Floor PT as a Proactive Measure

Proactive care is all about staying ahead of potential issues. By incorporating pelvic floor physical therapy into your annual physical, you're taking a vital step toward prevention. It's a chance to assess the state of your pelvic health, identify potential concerns early, and take action before they become major challenges.

Don't wait for symptoms to signal a problem. Take the initiative to prioritize your pelvic health as part of your annual physical.



About Michelle

Michelle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Webb Physical Therapy, located in Lawrence, Kansas.  She's worked in PT for close to 10 years, and believes each patient should be treated with a holistic, whole person approach to healing.

She is devoted to helping her patients develop individualized treatment plans to help them achieve their specific goals.

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